Big Insurance Horizons from Fenland District Brokers

My family and I are making our home in Fenland country, and we love it here. The big skies and the beautiful countryside are a great place to settle and bring up children and have a vibrancy and energy all of their own.

Here I want to share with you insights into Insurance, what’s happening and what is changing; why cover is important, and some covers you might not know about that might be of great benefit to you.

I’ve worked in and around Insurance for over 25 years, first in London, doing non-standard motor – which in those days was the young in XR2’s and XR3i’s, others powering around in Cosworths, people with a string of driving offences as long as your arm and once a £60k Ferrari in Glasgow for a 23 year old – that was quite a premium!

I did a brief stint in Sao Paulo, Brazil about 17 years ago, which taught me a lot about life and a bit about adversity, and 15 years in New Zealand, where I ran a similar Brokerage as FDB, having come through Commercial Broker, Branch Manager and National Business Manager roles with various companies.

My clients and customers ranged from Hairdressers with straightforward Liability cover requirements, a large Mining Corporation looking for funding for their Insurance premiums, and large Construction companies with millions of dollars of earthmoving plant needing cover.

Doing Insurance and funding has really taught me that the size of the premium is irrelevant – what we cover has equal importance to the owner and if we respect that we take the time and trouble to make sure the customer is served best.

Now I’m embarking on one of the biggest challenges of my life – starting my own brokerage in the UK, which is a member of the TEn Insurance Service group, but independently run and managed. It’s a daunting prospect, but exciting.

This website is an integral part of what I’m about – and I will be upgrading in the coming weeks to make the process of getting quotes a lot easier. As a broker I like to – and I should – cover the market for the best terms and prices, so it won’t be an instant online quote – but it will mean I’ll have the details in an easy way to go out and start work on your behalf.

So thanks for visiting. If you’d like to know more, or want to ask about a quote please feel free to contact me.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me.


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