Event, and Exhibition cover

I have been to many Exhibitions and events over the years, and some of the best are the epitome of style, serenity and artistic expression.

Organizing events and promotions is often a wonderful and rewarding career, and the feeling you get when everything works and you everyone has a great time can bring a great deal of satisfaction.

But it also can be quite stressful – what if the venue can’t accomodate you anymore, or the keynote speaker can’t make it at the last minute?

Even weddings .. well, we’ll just leave that there.

For the good times, there’s praise and delight and satisfaction.

for times when things aren’t so smooth, there’s Insurance.

Losses can be covered, either expected income if it rains on the big parade, or the costs involved that still need to be paid even if no-one is around to enjoy them.

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If you are looking for some advice on what can be covered and how to get it, feel free to let me know by email at m.kreling@fdbltd.co.uk or on 08081753050 – I’m happy to listen and provide a solution.

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