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After I wrote about Copywrite last week, I didn’t expect to see a story that involved it so soon – but it’s often the way, right?

Today on my newsfeed comes the funny and quite charming story about the tale of two Geese, that are now quacking at each other in the skies above.

To put it simply, Air New Zealand, who are known for their innovative and funny ads, and who started the trend for Safety Videos to not be quite so lifeless and dull on Airplanes, used to run an advert featuring Dave the Goose, who swapped his long migratory haul for an Airline seat and made his migratory trip in a lot more comfort.

Dave the Goose’s ad started in 2016,; but this year, Emirates have adopted Gerry the Goose as its new CGI brand ambassador – and Gerry can also be seen taking it easy on an Emirates long haul flight in premium economy.

Air NZ has, in it’s relaxed Kiwi way, has decided not to get into a legal scrap where feathers might fly, and instead trolled back, with Dave telling his mate Gerry that he’s on the wrong airline.

The whole thing could have gotten a lot more serious however.

Whether this was a deliberate move on the part of Emirates to emulate the Air NZ mascot, or just a error of omission in the research of the Emirates marketing team, it doesn’t say. But it does show the pitfalls Advertisers and Creators can encounter – there isn’t too much that is brand new in the world, and someone might spot their stuff being taken for a ride.

Insurance can provide protection against the inadvertent use of someone else’s Intellectual Property, and it’s worth being safe – and not ducking for cover!

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Credit to for the story – the full tale can be seen here

Air New Zealand trolls Emirates over Gerry the Goose ad campaign similarities (

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