The Motor repair trade has taken the line of least resistance for a long time, and the norm has been for broken parts to be scrapped in favour of replacements for years.

That approach is now being challenged by the big Motor Insurers, who are starting to look to sustainability as a driver of their approach, as well as immediate issues around supply chain shortages, landfill waste and CO2 emissions and higher costs to consumers.

Christoph Lauterwasser, Managing Director of the Allianz Center for Technology, says

 “if we repair a broken LED headlight or a cracked windshield instead of replacing it with a new part, we can reduce greenhouse gases by around 99%.

If we could increase the repair rates by just two percentage points, we could reduce annual Europe-wide CO2 emissions by around 30,000 tons. To put that amount in perspective, that’s equivalent to the annual energy consumption of about 5,100 households.”

He emphasizes that’s important to bring the customer along when making the choice between repair or replace.

“In most cases, after a customer submits a claim, it’s over to our experts to work with partnering body shops to ensure a quality solution at a fair and reasonable cost, and it is here that we can exert most influence. That said, customer expectations still play a role in the background, and it is important that customers are aware that green repair options exist.”

To those concerned that the repair of a broken part may lead to poorer outcomes, he says

“Repairs return the vehicle to the pre-damage state and are not inferior to replacement.

In some cases, especially when cutting out body parts is necessary, replacement is actually more invasive and can potentially lead to corrosion issues in the long run.

So, in some cases, the repair choice can even be more sustainable.

Can it look brand new? Definitely. Industry standards are adhered to, and to the end customer, the difference is invisible.”

Next time you need to get a repair, bear in mind how it can be done, safely, effectively and for a better tomorrow.


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