and the road goes on

Last time I wrote a post about my own journey, a manager from a job I had years ago, whom I still keep in contact with, told me to use my experience sparingly, as I’d run out by October!

So here, in an occasional series, is the next phase.

I stayed with the large non standard brokerage for a number of years.

I set up their first agency operation, reaching out to local Insurance brokers around the country struggling to compete on premiums for some clients with high performance cars.

We looked after around 70 brokers, and wrote around 150 policies a month after a little while.

I then followed an ex manager who had been brought back to the company to restart a division whose previous management team had seriously neglected. We recruited a whole new set of salespeople, trained them, mentored them and turned them into the top performing team in the group.

Once we’d succeeded it felt flat. Like empty; the heights had been conquered and the job was done. I wanted something else.

I found a job in Wembley, working for a guy with a predominantly Indian heritage clientele. A totally different experience, and the most intense job I’d had. I worked early, I worked late, I caught up with renewals at the weekend.

That trip along the North Circular was an everyday crawling nightmare.

I also had another role that often kept me out till beyond midnight a couple of nights a week. I was seriously knackered!

It was good money for the time, but I was in no condition to enjoy spending it.

So when a new opportunity came up at my old company, I was definitely interested.

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