Don’t answer every facebook question

Information Mining is everywhere

A friend shared this to my Facebook feed yesterday. Looks innocent enough, and – wow – it really works!

This type of post, and those like it, are designed to get a bit of information from you – not a lot, just a snippet.

in this case, if you comment with your own year of birth and age that can be a little piece in the jigsaw of information somewhere held about you.

Favourite colour, song, teacher, first job, first car – all these things are part of your identity.

They may also be a password, or the answer to a secret question on an app that holds your credit card numbers or banking details.

Should your profile have been grabbed in a cybercrime against a bigger company – and it can happen to anyone, Samsung were recently successfully attacked and Uber have been attacked just last week – then your details can be used by the criminals, or sold on the dark web.

When they then scan the rest of the treasure haul of information that is out there on the net – with Facebook being a particular favourite to share stuff with – er – the WHOLE WORLD! – they may get enough to break in to your private accounts.

Never answer them even if your bestie has. They are designed for 1 thing only – to help scam you.

And by the way – this one isn’t that amazing. Add your age to the year you were born and you will always get either the current year or the previous one, depending if you’ve had your birthday yet.

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